Sexual Health For women

We provide a variety of procedures in a comfortable and confidential setting to treat women’s sexual dysfunction and improve sexual health.

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How Strength Affects Your Sexual Health

Improving your core muscles can greatly impact sexual health and wellness for both men and women. Improving lower core strength in particular including training the pelvic floor can help women deal with the root causes of urinary incontinence as well as improve sexual pleasure. We provide a variety of non-invasive treatments designed to treat the root causes of sexual dysfunction issues. 

Schedule A Consultation With Our Doctor

Dr. David Cunningham has helped both male and female patients treat with their sexual health and wellbeing for years. He is a regional leader in providing innovative non-invasive treatments that are proven to decrease the symptoms associated with sexual dysfunction. As a physician his goal is to create a comfortable and private place for both male and female patients to get the treatments they need to improve their sexual health. 

Sexual Dysfunction Syndromes

One of the most common symptoms sexual dysfunction is pain or discomfort during intercourse. There are a variety of procedures that can help women decrease pain or discomfort during intercourse as well as improve sexual experiences overall.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a very common issue for many women. Whether it is due to childbirth, age, or another factor, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. We provide procedures designed to directly affect and strengthen the muscle groups that prevent incontinence. 

Lower Core Strengthening Procedures

The pelvic muscle group is greatly responsible for sexual health, satisfaction, and for preventing incontinence. There are a variety of exercises that are recommended by physical therapists to strengthen the lower core muscles. At Emsculpt New England, we provide treatments that can quickly and efficiently strengthen these muscles. Both male and female clients have noticed improvements in their sexual activity including more frequent and stronger orgasms during intercourse.